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Commercial Hood Cleaning Service 

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Commercial and Residential Hood Cleaning New Orleans

NOLA Hood Cleaning has been serving the New Orleans metropolitan area for the last ten years as the premier industrial hood cleaning service in the area.  As such, our team of experts can handle any hood cleaning from the largest of restaurants to the smallest of boutique catering kitchens.  Whatever your needs, contact NOLA Hood Cleaning to take care of all your commercial grade kitchen equipment.

And trust us to keep you on a schedule so that you never have to worry about when your next appointment will be.  Based on how much use you get out of your kitchen, we will recommend an amount of cleanings per year and schedule your follow up appointment as part of your service call. We will clean your hood according to your schedule, avoiding peak business hours, taking the worry out of keeping your kitchen area safe and clean for your employees and guests.  Our technicians are USAKEC certified, and our company is bonded and insured.  Contact us for a free, no obligation quote today.


Whether you have industrial-grade kitchen equipment in your home or whether you run a business, it is very important to clean your industrial hood once every three to six months to avoid grease buildup in the hood venting system which can result in fire-related loss and injuries.  Kitchen fires result in hundreds of injuries each year, and a fire can cause astronomical monetary damage.  Keeping your hood system clean saves you money as it prevents loss and keeps your equipment in excellent shape.

Residential Hood Cleaning

Say you have a commercial kitchen installed in your home.  You need a cleaning service to help you keep your equipment in stellar shape and keep you and your family safe.  Guess what?  NOLA Hood Cleaning is the business you need.  All of the services we offer to our commercial clients are also available to our residential ones.

During a regular cleaning, we will dismantle and scrape all parts before pressure washing, clean the ductwork, hood, and fan areas, check the fan belts, scrub all access panels, clean any hard to reach spots using special equipment, and polish the inside and outside of your hood.  Your kitchen will look like the day you installed it when we are done.  And we will make sure to schedule your next appointment so that you can take the guesswork out of taking care of your kitchen.

Commercial Hood Cleaning

When NOLA Hood Cleaning says CLEAN, we mean it.  Many other companies in the industry offer more of a hood wash rather than a deep clean of the hood.  Hood washing will not prevent grease buildup as effectively and may even damage your venting system over time.  Each time we clean, we do a thorough inspection of your entire system, including the ductwork, and deep clean your equipment according to NFPA guidelines and local fire codes.  We will also send you before and after pictures of the work we have completed for your records and ours.

And if you have a kosher business, have no fear.  NOLA Hood Cleaning also offers kosher hood cleaning.  Our technicians will make sure that any substances used to clean your industrial kitchen equipment is safe for your employees and customers.  Trust us with all of your restaurant maintenance needs.

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Contact NOLA Hood Cleaning to get started right away.  Our team of experts is eager to assist you.  We work hard to keep your home or business safe for your family, guests, and employees.  Taking care of your kitchen equipment is a difficult job.  Let us do the dirty work for you.