Nola Hood Installation and Repair

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Commercial Hood Installation New Orleans 

NOLA Hood Cleaning knows everything there is to know about kitchen hoods.  So, if you are in the New Orleans metropolitan area and are starting a new restaurant, remodeling the kitchen of an existing one, or looking to install a commercial kitchen in your home, look no further than the experts at NOLA Hood Cleaning.  We can install any type of hood you want as well as the proper ductwork according to all local guidelines.

And if you believe you are experiencing a problem with your hood system, contact us right away for a kitchen hood inspection.  Our professionals can find even the smallest issue using the latest in technology and can complete necessary hood repairs with only minor inconvenience to you and with limited business interruption.  We can even offer expedited service with a larger crew if necessary to make sure your business is back on track as quickly as possible.

Industrial Hood Installation

NOLA Hood Cleaning specializes in Type 1 hood installation.  When you contact us, we will come out to measure your space and to look at your plans to make sure that you get the right size hood for your exhaust system and that you follow all NFP 96 guidelines as well as local fire codes.  We will also work with your contractor to make sure we place your hood in the correct location, allowing ample room for the ductwork. 

Before installing the proper ductwork, we will strengthen any overhead beams to make sure that they can handle the weight of the new system and check to make sure that your hood is hung level and at the right hood height.  We will then test the hood and the associated ductwork to make sure that everything is in proper working order and sit down with you to talk about proper cleaning methods to make sure that your system continues working at its optimal level over its entire lifespan.


Sometimes clients know they have a problem, but they have absolutely no idea as to the source.  No need to worry.  Call NOLA Hood Cleaning today to schedule an inspection of your system.  We use the latest technology in snake camera equipment to reach even the hardest spots in your ductwork to look for tears or grease buildup that may be causing issues and to thoroughly inspect the hood itself.  Our professionals will come out quickly and work efficiently to make sure that you can get back to business right away.


Have you been seeing more smoke in the kitchen than normal, even on the highest fan setting?  Does the motor seem louder than normal?  Or are the buttons not turning on like they should?  Don’t let any of these issues go on for long periods of time.  That can cause damage to your system, your business, and even to you or your employees. Call us for an industrial hood repair. 

Once we have done a thorough inspection of your hood and exhaust system, we will sit down with you to talk over your options.  Many times, we can order parts that will fix the issues you are facing, but sometimes, the problems are more extensive and require major repairs.  Whatever your issues are, our professionals will get right to work to make sure that your repairs are done quickly and according to local fire codes.  We take the fear out of major repairs and will work with you to get what you need.

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If you are installing a new industrial kitchen or need repairs on an existing one or anything in between, NOLA Hood Cleaning can help.  We are the premier hood cleaning and installing business in the New Orleans metropolitan area, and we are eager to help you get the most out of your restaurant or commercial grade residential kitchen.  Contact us today.