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Here at NOLA Hood Cleaning, we are committed to making sure that your commercial grade kitchen works its best throughout its entire life.  We are experts in all parts of industrial hood cleaning in the New Orleans metropolitan area, including exhaust system filter cleaning and grease containment for restaurants.

Our business is making your business run smoothly, so we will do whatever we can to help you get back on track with little disruption to your business.  We even offer expedited services with an expanded crew to make sure you get the results you want in a timely fashion.  For all your hood cleaning needs, trust the professionals at NOLA Hood Cleaning.


NOLA Hood Cleaning understands the importance of cleaning all parts of your hood system thoroughly so that your equipment meets or exceeds all local fire codes and NFPA 96 guidelines.  From the main equipment line to the exhaust fan on the roof of your establishment, we will make sure that all parts of your hood system are thoroughly cleaned.  This is so important to your business because exhaust systems can build up grease which can cause damage to life and property if not taken care of properly. 

One of the most important lines of defense against a potential grease fire is to maintain and replace hood filters in the exhaust hood system.  The filters are so important because they act as a barrier to grease that may otherwise collect in the exhaust hood ducts.  Hood filters should be cleaned every day, but when the hood filters become corroded, dented, or visibly dirty even after cleaning, it is time to replace them.  Trust the professionals at NOLA Hood Cleaning to deliver new filters on a regular basis and replace them in your hood system to keep your system running efficiently between deep cleanings. 

NOLA Hood Cleaning wants to take the stress out of kitchen cleaning by keeping track of what our customers need and providing ongoing maintenance for them.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.


If you own a restaurant, you know that your kitchen is thoroughly inspected throughout the year.  Inspectors make sure that you are following all local fire codes, and this includes having the proper exhaust fan hinges installed which allow the fan to be cleaned properly and also help to improve the overall lifespan of the fan.  Fans that are not hinged properly can make a lot of noise or begin to vibrate which can cause them to be out of alignment with the rest of the system.  Call NOLA Hood Cleaning today to get a thorough inspection of your hood fan and all of its workings to make sure that your system is running properly.

Also, if you think that you are experiencing a problem with your fan because of loud noises or an excess of smoke while cooking, do not hesitate to call our experts right away to keep your system running smoothly.  We keep parts on stock for just such occasions and can oftentimes replace any parts quickly with little to no disruption of business.


NOLA Hood Cleaning knows the damage that excess grease can do to your property which is why we also specialize in grease containment systems for rooftops.  Grease is acidic, and when it accumulates on the roof, it can cause major structural damage.  To avoid this problem, restaurant owners should install rooftop grease containment on their system’s exhaust fans.  Our systems contain hydrophobic pads that allow rainwater to drain while collecting grease.  Our professionals clean these systems during the hood deep cleaning that restaurants should schedule every three to six months.  Grease containment systems are an excellent way for restaurant owners to ensure that their properties stay safe and that their clientele or employees are never in danger of a grease fire.

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No matter your need, NOLA Hood Cleaning can help.  Trust our professionals to install, repair, and maintain your entire hood system.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.